High Quality Products

Westwood Group’s management goal is to enhance corporate value by deepening society’s trust in the firm and increasing the satisfaction of stakeholders including clients and shareholders.

Our overriding philosophy is keeping clients at the center of everything we do. The principle of client first drives all the firm’s activities including product development, plantation management and product distribution. By providing quality products and services to our clients, we aim to help with the steady accumulation of assets as well as the enjoyment of nature’s wonder, Agarwood.

Offering High-Quality Services

The Westwood Group seeks to enhance the quality of agarwood  products and services offered to customers under our  CSR Guidelines and to ensure that all chain of servicing related to our businesses are attained and done in a professional and efficient manner.

Improving Products and Services

The Retail Division has set up the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Liaison Committee, which meets regularly to discuss ways to improve products, services and systems based on feedback from clients. The head of the Retail Division serves as chairman of the committee.

We also conduct client satisfaction surveys for clients who visit sales branches.

In addition, we do surveys to determine client satisfaction with each sales representative. Sales representatives that receive the highest evaluation from clients are recognized and rewarded internally by The Westwood Group.

Since 2017, we have also been getting advice from business and marketing experts on our initiatives and businesses. The Westwood Group also believes strongly in life-long learning and actively supports all employees in upgrading their relevant skill sets as it pertains to their specific job functions.

Framework for Reflecting Customer Feedback in Business

client feedback