Governing ESG Issues

Our ESG Committee is a management-level decision-making entity that plays an integral role in The Westwood Group’s sustainable growth strategy and our aim to contribute to resolution of social issues.

The Westwood Group implements ESG initiatives in collaboration with Group offices and companies in Singapore and Malaysia. We conduct appropriate disclosure of our various ESG initiatives through our website with the aim of raising our Group’s corporate value.


ESG Committee

Chaired by the Group CEO, the committee comprises of Executive Officers, including the chairperson. The responsibilities of the committee include formulating policies and action plans for ESG initiatives as well as approving and monitoring progress of these activities. The activities of the committee are reported to the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Board accordingly.

Management Status of the Committee

Number of meetings

Outline of discussions

1 (from January 2018 to January 2019)

  • Matters concerning ESG initiatives and information disclosure
  • Matters concerning fundamental ESG policy
  • ESG risks and opportunities
  • Reports related to climate change