Environmental Management

environment management

The Westwood Group is working to lower its overall environmental impact. We have established an environmental management system to drive comprehensive efforts in our farming and plantation methods, and our business offices are taking initiatives to manage their environmental footprints. We have expanded our disclosure, and report group environmental targets and achievements.

Environmental Statement and Environmental Policy

The Code of Ethics of The Westwood Group states, “The Westwood Group is committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner and should, therefore, approach environmental issues positively.” Based on this commitment, in 2015, we created both our Environmental Statement and Environmental Policy and, with the Environmental Activities Working Group as the core, we are proactively working to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.

Environmental Statement

  • The Westwood Group believes a healthy environment is the foundation of stable economic and social conditions for future generations.
  • We are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner and should therefore approach environmental issues positively.

Environmental Policy

  • We encourage investment and constructive engagement in environmentally friendly goods and services.
  • We will assess environmental risks and continually strive to minimize pollution and improve the environment.
  • We will comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and engage with external stakeholders on environmental issues.
  • We are committed to reducing waste and conserving energy and natural resources to minimize the impact of our footprint on the environment.
  • We will communicate this policy to all employees to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • We make this policy available for public review.

Environmental Management Structure

In Malaysia, we are implementing comprehensive environmental preservation activities to deal with environmental risks and issues. Our Environmental Activities Working Group, which is a Group-wide organization, meets once every quarter to monitor the progress of environmental preservation activities. Also, to make sure the plan, do, check, action (PDCA) management approach is functioning, internal environmental audits are conducted periodically. We carry out “checks of environmental initiatives” on all our plantations in Malaysia and abroad and work to increase the effectiveness of our EMS. In addition, the Environmental Affairs Officer conducts reviews of these activities, confirms and assesses progress toward reaching objectives, and aims for continuing improvements. Reports are made to the ESG Committee regarding risks and opportunities related to environmental issues. Our offices are also engaging in environmental initiatives.

The Westwood Group Environmental Management Framework

Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives

We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility in all our activities. In keeping with this commitment, we require outsourcing providers to understand and comply with the Code of Ethics of The Westwood Group. We have also developed a set of Supplier CSR Guidelines, which outlines our CSR requirements when doing business with suppliers. Suppliers who provide products and services to The Westwood Group are required to abide by these guidelines.