Efforts to Address Climate Change


The proper management of climate change risk and the promotion of measures to deal with global warming will lead to solutions to social problems and will contribute to maintaining and increasing corporate value. The Westwood Group, as a leading corporation with business operations related to plantation management and directly relates to the environment is making every effort to help resolve climate change issues through its business activities and to reduce the impact of its business activities on the natural environment.

We collect and disclose environmental information. The Westwood Group also engages in initiatives aimed at appropriate environmental information disclosure. In each region, based on the regulations established by local governments, we prepare plans for dealing with global warming and submit these to the government authorities.

Reducing Power Consumption

We are reducing power consumption at Group-owned offices under an ongoing program of replacing electrical equipment and air-conditioning equipment with energy-saving models and managing these with greater efficiency. For example, we are encouraging the replacement of air-conditioning units with more efficient models and implementing energy-saving operations by reducing hours of usage and adjusting room temperature settings. We are also actively working to reduce power consumption from lighting, as The Westwood Group changed over all of its lighting at its head office to LED in fiscal 2018.

Use of green energy

The Westwood Group is working to lighten the impact of its activities on the environment through a commitment to purchase green power subject to availability. Depending on the geographic location of our offices, we always endeavour to source out and purchase green energy whenever possible.

Participating in Earth Hour 2018

The Westwood Group offices globally participated in the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour 2018 on March 24. Lights were turned off for one hour starting at 7:30 p.m., local time, while employees were also encouraged to turn off unnecessary lights at home and in the office, allowing the entire group to share a renewed awareness of the importance of saving energy.