Our employees today have many choices when considering about their career and life styles. The Westwood Group supports those who work hard to achieve those career visions.

Engage in a team of members from all around the globe, with different skills and experiences to help you discover new perspectives and values.

Collaboration among diverse individuals produces strength and flexibility.


More women are advancing

55% of employees at The Westwood Group are women (as at the end of June, 2018). We will continue to support such trends. Furthermore, The Westwood Group offers a one-year, one-on-one mentoring program for women in management positions to help lay out their future career plans.

We support work-life balance for employees

In fiscal year 2017, 25% of employees took parental leave, and 10% employees took childcare leave. These numbers are growing annually, and over 90% of the employees on these leave return to office. The Westwood Group has prepared various measures to help our employees pursue their career development while balancing work and parenting. In our career training programs, we work together with our employees to draw their career path in line with personal goals and responsibilities so that they can pursue their career goals with self-confidence.

Workplace Diversity

The Westwood Group provides an equal work environment focusing on the variety of cultures within our organization such as race, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation and so on to understand more of the behavioral principles attached to each and to raise awareness so we may leverage the strengths each brings to the firm. To facilitate such understanding by hosting networking events and seminars inviting specialists in these fields.


Efforts are made to respond flexibly to find work suited to the individual skills and aptitudes of candidates and provide proper motivation by discussions with the persons in the workplaces where they will work. Employees with disabilities are contributing actively in a wide range of departments.