Westwood Group | Advisory Board


The Westwood Group formed its Advisory Board in 2014 to advise the firm’s Executive Officers which is responsible for making decisions on business executions.

In 2018, The Westwood Group newly appointed two preeminent Asian leaders as its Advisory Board members and up until December 2018 held meetings in Singapore and Malaysia. Westwood Group Executives were in attendance at each meeting and received advice from a variety of perspectives on matters including Westwood Group’s business development in Asia, effective running of business operations and ways to foster human resources.

Advisory Board members also visited a Westwood Group agarwood plantation where they received an explanation and observed frontline staff as they provided cultivation and explanation of agarwood trees and harvesting procedures to the Board. “We were impressed with The Westwood Group’s people and their skills and knowledge as it relates to agarwood. The Westwood Group will prove to have a strong competitive edge overseas,” some of the Advisory Board members commented.